Car Detailing and Protection Services, Features and Highlights

At Smooth Finishes Professional Detailing, we offer high-quality services for our customers who want the best when it comes to detailing packages. Our interior car cleaning packages will return your car to its original and beautiful clean state. When combined with an exterior car polishing, your car will look and feel showroom new again. Features of our car detailing services for the motorists of Hanover include:

Maintenance Detail / Mini Detail from $39.99

Maintenance detail is the foundation of proper paint upkeep for your car. It is the first step in a series of complex detailing options. In Hanover, this is a vital part in cleaning the paint to prevent future contamination.

Protection Detail / Ceramic Coatings

Protection detail is an essential measure for preserving paint health to keep your vehicle looking great after undergoing our polishing correction process. When regularly performed this technique will maintain and protect the paint to keep the vehicles of our Hanover customers looking clean, glossy and shiny.

Smooth Finishes Professional Detailing auto detailing

Light Polishing from $75.00

Our light polish service takes our protection detail to the ultimate level. In addition to cleansing the paint of previous buildup and contaminants, a light polishing step restores the color to dull paint and eliminates light swirl marks.

Interior Cleaning from $150.00

The Full Interior service consists of a thorough interior cleaning in addition to exterior detailing services. We include all services of the basic interior service and add shampooing and cleaning the carpets, floor mats and upholstery.

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